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Nice People Compilation 1 - NP001

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A vinyl pressing of the first Nice People Compilation.

Recorded during overnight sessions at Eiger Studios, Nice People Compilation 1 features 10 of the nicest bands in Leeds. We have Van Houten, Roe Green, Koyo, Jooloosooboo, The Golden Age of TV, jellyskin, Long Legged Creatures (ft. Joshua Zero), Fielding, Shaku and Luna Pines, all with previously unreleased tunes.

We're all about supporting nice people who do nice things; from local illustrators and musicians, to independent start-ups, community shelters, DJ collectives and creative social activism. Our free print magazine and DIY events are platforms for creatives, independents and initiatives, so we thought we would take the leap and press a vinyl.

All the profits of the vinyl sales go towards the printing of our magazine. Help keep the niceness alive and get some incredible music in the process!

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