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B-ahwe teases upcoming EP with self-aware trip-hop single 'Sweet'

Weaving witty confessions of insecurity, confusion and heartbreak, Leeds artist B-ahwe continues her smooth exploration of trip-hop, neo-soul and jazz with her new single ‘Sweet’.

The infectious lilt of B-ahwe’s vocals glides over air-tight production, showcasing this unique artist’s talent for combining honeyed rap with lush ambient soundscapes. Supplying seamlessly rapped lines with clarity and self-awareness, B-ahwe’s confessional verses evolve into expressions of self-worth. Instantly calming, she flexes her ability to deliver smooth spoken word, peppered with bites towards society’s oppression of women.

With a history of collaboration with emerging artists across the UK (Lausse The Cat, Nix Northwest, Yaatri), B-ahwe calls on old friends for this silky single. The second half of the track takes a punchy turn as Nix Ward (keys), Greg Burns (drums), Poppy Daniels (trumpet) and Liam DeTar (guitar) deliver a beguiling, syncopated, change of pace.

‘Sweet’ is as sharp and pungent as it is soothing. It’s a showcase of the Leeds-based artist’s versatility in both vocal style and genre, a teaser towards the upcoming spring EP ‘Nuance’ that leaves you wanting more.

Stream 'Sweet' on Spotify.

Meg Firth

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