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Becky Hill at Stylus | Live Review

Through the masses of people slowly filling up Leeds Student Union, a variety of ages poured in to see Becky Hill. From 16-year olds leaving GCSE revision at home to 30-year olds celebrating the end of a work day, everyone was there to leave their responsibilities at the door and have a good time. Music of any kind brings people from different ages together, and this gig was no exception.

Beginning her set with the timeless MK hit 'Piece of Me', Becky Hill brought an energy onto the stage that could be felt throughout the whole room. The crowd were captivated by her voice (which sounds no different live) and her talent to completely own a room. No matter what she said or where she moved, Hill had that crowd’s attention throughout.

Having discovered Becky Hill through the release of her song ‘warm’, I was expecting an almost DJ type set. Instead she radiated a type of humour and personality that not many singers have. When parts of the crowd began moshing, she was quick to remark that “I never thought people could mosh to my music,” and also made remarks surrounding the issues that exist within the music industry between songs. Before one unreleased song she played, Becky Hill explained that her label refused to release this song but she was going to play it anyway.

Her performance balanced with her humour and sarcasm made for such an easy crowd and for an unforgettable performance. Even though her set was short, lasting for only 50 minutes, Becky Hill still created a vibe within that room that has reinvented the genre of electro music.

Check out her new song ‘I could get used to this’ now.

Words and images by Megan Fairgray

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