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Bored At My Grandma's House delivers sophisticated bedroom pop with new EP

Creativity fuelled by boredom often leads to delectable results, even when the world seems on fire. Created amid national lockdown, Bored At My Grandma’s House first EP Sometimes I Forget You’re Human Too offers nostalgia-tinged songs about vulnerability, safety and connection, all in an envelope of soft shoegaze.

The newest addition to the Clue Records family, Amber Strawbridge is the 20-year-old musician behind the tongue-in-cheek moniker. With a no-nonsense attitude, Strawbridge's songwriting approach is both intuitive and straightforward throughout the five-track record.

Strawbridge’s honeyed vocals coat the production throughout, providing catchy melodies and intelligent lyrical hooks throughout the EP. ‘Showers’ plays at the notion that even showering can be a mental and spiritual restart, whilst ‘Summer’ begs for the softer and warmer times to come back, all with a hazy keyboard buzz.

‘Sometimes I Forget You’re Human Too’ and ‘Safer At Sea’ strike at broader social issues, such as the disconnect that comes in an overwhelmingly digital and disjointed world. They are songs that don’t pose as something too serious, providing political commentary while fooling you with an unpretentious bedroom pop façade.

Sometimes I Forget You’re Human Too ebbs and flows at a dream-like pace, exploding in pockets of sparkling energy and haunting vocals. Its simplicity seems like a trick of the light – the laidback first impression of conversational lyricism and laidback melodies entices you into a false sense of security.

Listen to Sometimes I Forget You’re Human Too on Spotify and download the EP here

Aistė Samuchovaitė

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