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Dubrunner returns with his Scuffed Recordings debut, Scorpio Season

Spanning influences from steppa dub and Soundsystem culture, this new EP is a fitting debut for the Stretchy Dance Supply founder on Scuffed Recordings. With three tracks that reflect Dubrunner’s eclectically filthy DJ sets, this EP fits in well with the London label’s off-kilter club music that hits hard and good.

‘Destination Unknown’ is a strong opener: it’s fast-paced, packs a punchy bass and echoes influences of dubstep, breaks and Soundsystem. With a warping melody that fosters a hypnotic effect, there’s no doubt it will smack full force on the dance floor.

From the get-go, you’re thrown straight into the deep end of the pool. Scorpio Season stomps loud and clear making itself known. It teases a build-up of mesmerising synths before unleashing a magnitude of seriously weighty breaks. ‘Syntax Error’ supplies gradual development of breaks flirting with unstable energy and wonky chord progressions. It is outlandish and digs deep into the mind.

This is a delightful EP that orchestrates an impressive array of sounds, each track delivering individuality and aptitude. All the tunes are warranted promising impact for any worthy club sound system.

John Christou

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