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Flxclxc supplies shining techno with his restless debut EP, Warp Speed

This new EP from Flxclxc encompasses four debut tracks that demonstrate a well-crafted progression of breaks and a competent ability for creating tasty synth lines.

Warp Speed delights you with upbeat electro and breaks. Euphoric synths are married to charming bleeps and blistering bloops concocting something very effervescent and bewitching. 'Kernel Panic' channels a whale of energy, manipulating computer warped liquid-like acidic sounds amounting in a devastating electroproduction.

'Diskord' addresses you with haunting, eerie vocals progressing into high calibre breaks and unshackling its techno eruption. Sure to keep you on your toes, 'False Alarm' prescribes the medication for your restlessness; fulfilling a heavy vibe optimum for any sweaty techno dungeon. A trance melody enters the chaos midway through - a brief recovery from the onslaught of foot-stomping - and moulds a precious magical moment before flaring up raw techno grooves.

These tracks would fit timely amidst any techno, breaks and electro-oriented nights. Produced with prowess, it’s an exciting first EP that upholds bright prospective releases.

John Christou

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