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Virginia Wing at Hyde Park Book Club

In the depths of the Hyde Park Book Club basement on Sunday was a night of beautifully experimental music. The night began with the slow evolving synth beats of Game_Program, firing out modern Kraftwerk vibes and performed with elegance and a smile. His comfort and relaxation on stage was mirrored to the crowd and set the evening's mood perfectly.

Following this was Basic Switches, another interesting and intricate set, with three keyboards through a loop machine creating a soundscape of crazy sounds and interesting rhythms. These supports were such an excellent introduction to the incredible Virginia Wing. It has been a while since I have been so encapsulated by a front person, who from the off was moving around the stage in the most interesting of ways, which made her vocal performance even more magical. With the addition of the synths, electronic drums and the saxophone, the whole act had the energy and movement that the crowd could not help but partake in. A truly wonderful experience.

Words & Images by Tom Nixon.

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