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Weirds' farewell show at Brudenell Social Club

Strangely one of the most exciting but most saddening evenings of the year. Last night was the final show from Leeds legends Weirds and was nothing less than spectacular. It felt like all of Leeds showed up to say farewell to the band and as expected the boys went out with a bang. I’ve not seen a crowd show so much love at a show in a long time, it was such an emotional night for all involved and the performances of the band members was something to remember.

I bumped into the bands drummer, Alex, after the show and have never seen a man so red in the face; “I just forgot the breath!”. The emotions were not the only thing flying around the room during the set, but also Aidan, the bands vocalist, was leaping from the stage and into the crowd throughout the show, maintaining his vocals whilst being carried across a room bursting with fans. During this mayhem, the intensity on the stage did not falter, with the raging guitar and bass performances of Zak and Matt meant that wherever your eyes fell in the room was a sight to behold. This is a band that will be sorely missed, but what a way to end.

Words by Tom Nixon, Images by Meg Firth.

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