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Introducing: Fielding

Image: Jacob Whiting

Fielding are the guitar and drums outfit who are exploding onto the Leeds gigging scene with their intelligent and seemingly serendipitous grunge sound. The two-piece are unassuming, yet have an undoubtedly muscular sound that drips with potential.

You're a relatively new band but have been in Leeds for a while. What's it like playing together in a city you know so well?

It’s a blessing really, Leeds is a city I’d come to for gigs before I lived here, so being given such opportunity from such a supportive group of people is great.

There's just the two of you - how did you meet and start playing music together? do you think you'll adopt more members?

I think we met through mutual friends and just became gradually closer. Basically, Fielding kind of broke up before Jake played drums in it, but we lived together and it just seemed like a waste to not carry it on with one of your best buds. I’m unsure about more people, I don’t think so. Fielding has always been a two-piece, even in my head before even starting it up.

What inspires you and your songwriting?

I’m not really sure with that; there’s definitely stick-out bands but when writing songs I don’t sit down with the intention of writing a song. We just kind of noodle about and piece bits together.

You recently played Brudenell, which for a lot of bands is iconic. Where is a place you'd really like to play?

I really wish The Cockpit in town was still open because I’d of loved to play there haha, but we’ve never played any cities down South so something down there would be cool.

Who would be on your dream line up to play a gig with?

Recently, we’ve played some gigs which personally I never would’ve thought happening, such as playing with Glitterer and playing the farewell show for Sport. There’s loads of bands we’d love to play with but we just really like playing with our friends here in Leeds

Do you have any plans for the near future?

A) I think our plans for the future are to write more and maybe venture back into the older sound, but that’s uncertain, just play it by ear maybe.

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