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Introducing: Jackie Moonbather

Sheffield is well known for its great music scene, but not everyone fits into the preexisting scene of a city. Jackie decided to make music for himself and his world, thus creating a new staple scene within the city with his friends in the Blancmange Lounge collective.

You’re also part of ‘Katie Pham and The Moonbathers’, is that how your name and this project begin?

Moonbathers came from some kind of hypothetical joke band that an old college friend and I used to speak of amongst the nonsensical ramblings of really stoned teenagers. Then, years down the line when Katie, Oliver and I started this band, ‘Moonbathers’ seemed to sit right. I decided to carry on that name for my new solo project; a fresh start so I could kinda leave my old stuff behind on secret Soundcloud that you will never find.

What are your biggest inspirations as an artist and how do they influence your music?

I think Sheffield’s mark on me is independence. It’s a very DIY city and a good base for any artist. We have room to breathe here and do whatever we want, whether there’s a scene for it or not.

Has being a DJ as well as an artist affected how you write your music?

I don’t think so. I first started DJing at a pub my friend was managing, because he knew I collected records. I’ve been a DJ for last 4 years now, but I really make music for people chillin’ in their room. Stoners and lovers and them. I’ve been told its good to drive to as well, but I dunno, I can’t drive.

Do you have any big plans for 2020?

Yeah, big plans all the time. I’m working on a new project, but taking my time with it. It’s gonna sound quite different from the previous ones. In the meantime, I wanna collaborate, do some features and produce for other artists. 2020 is gonna be a lot of time in the studio I think.

What other artists would you recommend checking out?

Right here in Sheff, we have Otis Mensah, but he goes without saying right? Yusuf Yellow too, he’s next up for sure. You gotta check out Jaydonclover, an R&B singer from Birmingham. Her song ‘I Wish You’ is one of my favourites of last year. Way out west, Kevin Holliday is making incredible moves from Brooklyn, NY. Also Eliy Orcko, from Ohio. He’s a great MC with an ear for really cool Lo-fi beats. I have to shoutout some people from the Leeds scene too. B-ahwe, Kashu, Nix Northwest and Hannah Willwood are my faves, I wanna work with them all. The music in Leeds is poppin’.

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