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Introducing: Moegli

Meet George Moore, the experimental bass heavy music producer under the alias MOEGLI. Centring his output around the style of ‘wonky hip-hop’, garage and groovy percussive elements, Moore is a sleeping giant in the Northern music scene.

So, how long have you been producing under MOEGLI?

I’ve been producing under the alias MOEGLI for roughly around 3 years now, since just after I arrived in Leeds to study at Leeds College of Music (LCoM). I used to be in a producing trio titled Au Malu back in London before coming to Leeds. That fizzled out so the next logical thing to do was to start a solo project focused around bass heavy experimental dance music with a hip hop tinge.

You are connected with the guys at 8MANA. Does this circle help inspire your music?

I run the label with a few of the other guys. I’m the in-house mix and mastering engineer for the stuff that gets released through the label also. Sharing and gaining insight into each-others music taste definitely helps inspire my music; I definitely owe those guys a lot when it comes to discovering new music. I sometimes don’t pay attention to what’s new - there’s just so much good music out there being released constantly; It’s hard to keep track of it all. We have a few crazy producers whose creativity is off the charts; namely a dude called Tomwyn, whose musical output is always mad inspiring. His ideas have helped influence mine.

Do you always produce alone?

Mostly, yes. However, in recent months I’ve started to focus less on nerding out on the computer and taking a more collaborative approach to making music. I used to strongly believe in doing everything myself. From the compositions, synthesis, mix and master. However, collaborating with session musicians and other artist/beat makers has opened up so many possibilities and has expanded my sound to a degree that I wished I’d done it sooner. Music is collaborative in its nature and being a computer musician you can sometimes forget that, I find.

Have you got any plans on the horizon?

I’m currently in the final creative stages of making my Debut EP! A 7 track record with bass heavy beats and symphonies centred around the hip hop style. It’s going to titled Sink or Swim and will be out around June.

After that’s released I’m going to be focused on more up-tempo dance music around the 110-140(BPM) range and really take it back to the roots of what initially inspired me to produce music in the first place.

Finally, who is your biggest inspiration in the Leeds scene at the moment?

I would have to say my housemates, who also make music! Shout outs to my boy Anthony (Leo Cosmos), whose work ethic never seems to falter, and Lewis who goes under the name “Kalaux”. He’s also prepping his debut EP which sounds absolute fire. Don’t sleep on either of these two.

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