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Introducing: Morpher

Proving the Leeds Jazz scene is far from gathering dust, this trio of superb musicians are trailblazing a path for dynamic experimentation by recomposing what they were taught Jazz should be.

Image: @unevenedits, Morpher headlining the Nice People Issue 7 launch gig.

Your sound is a dynamic fusion of jazz, post-punk and electronica. What are your influences and how did you form this sound?

We formed in a rebellious response to the Jazz education we all had; we were constantly taught what Jazz was supposed to sound like, and we thought “Nah, fuck that. Let’s be loud and see what happens.” We want to put Leeds on the map against the rising London Jazz scene; we want people to know that Leeds is rowdy, full of energy and not afraid to make people dance to new sounds.

You’ve just released your new single. What are your motives behind this track?

The single title ‘(£81,000’) is the collective amount of student debt we acquired studying our instruments. A lot has changed since we first wrote and recorded this tune, but it still slaps.

Leeds has a rich jazz scene fuelled by young musicians. What are your thoughts on the future of jazz in Leeds and The North?

The Leeds scene is ace! We‘re constantly inspired by new projects popping up. We are so fortunate to be in a time and place where we have access to so much inspiration, whilst also being so close and involved with the musicians creating this scene Big ups to all creatives in Leeds, because we are all shaping each other’s future and giving ourselves a career out of it.

Jazz has a very deep improvisational aspect to it. Do you feel a connection with each other when you play?

That’s the most amazing part, being able to take massive improvisational risks and know your mates on stage are ready to support your choices. There have definitely been times where inspiration has been dead, but it’s all worth it for that moment when something just absolutely hits the back of your skull.

What can people expect from your debut album?

Expect everything and nothing. It has something for everyone; if you’re mad about grooves, dancing, wonky electronics and big beats, then you’ll be heavily satisfied after a good listen. The album is a broad spectrum of what we can do, but be warned, we wrote and recorded it all in a day, only fuelled by a good old Sainsbos meal deal.

Listen to Morpher on Spotify

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