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Introducing: Roe Green

Roe Green are refreshingly positive. The wonderful songwriting of Antonio Panzera mixed with the sensual production and performance skills of Hanibl x Dante have created a sound that is not only unique, but god damn sexy.

You started Roe Green as a solo project. What made you extend the band to its current size?

I’m a songwriter first and foremost. The first year or so were about falling back in love with the enjoyment of it after previous projects. Once this joyous confidence had been restored, I decided to release Summer Moods EP and take it from there in terms of the live aspect.

When I gained national attention via BBC Introducing Artist of the Week, I felt more could be made of it. Serendipitously, in stepped Hanibl X Dante into my life and all seemed to just fall into place. Everything is better with more smiles to share in it all.

Your songs are very specifically ‘Roe Green’ but do vary greatly in style, is this due to a wide selection of influences?


Your bassist (Hanibl) and drummer (Dante) are twins and are very tight as a rhythm section. Is this key to Roe Green’s groove?

It’s a very fortunate and lucky position to be with to play such compassionate talents who share the same saliva type. The key to any groove is empathy and patience. With a dash of fun in the mix, a groove is just the musical personality personified.

Your new single ‘(Fitting In)’ is great. What inspired that song and who did the artwork?

We hope it brings some tingles to the table! Lyrically, it’s a simple message of togetherness and endearment for those who just feel that little bit of disconnection at times and how a smile can make it all worthwhile. Hanibl X Dante bringing their slice of smooth to the table was a hugely sexy factor. The artwork was a bi-product of an inspiring conversation with my girlfriend’s building receptionist , Dave. I showed him the track and let him describe what came to mind.

How does the writing process work. Is it always a group effort?

It always starts off with myself bringing the core song to the room but then after that you’re a jam away from a new sound. Teamwork is what makes the best happen.

So far we’ve heard lots of singles from you. Are there any plans for an album or an EP?

(Fitting In) is the first of 4 to drop in terms of singles. After that we would have most likely recorded another batch ,so you choose.

What’s to come this year for Roe Green?

Lots of shows, tunes, love and smiles.


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