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Introducing: Spacey Basement Cult

This new two-piece started as many Leeds projects do, in the depths of a kooky Hyde Park basement. Spacey Basement Cult have arisen from the deep with a set of incredible lo-fi collaborations with their fellow musicians in from the scene.

Image: Hannah Willwood

How did this project begin?

George: Although this is a new project, the process for this music began in September 2018 when I moved into a house in Hyde Park with a basement. For the first time, I had my own space get lost in; I started recording odd tunes with no goal in mind, just for the pleasure of making music.

Theo: George mentioned that he’d been quietly working on some music that he wanted me to listen to. That first night we ended up finishing a track together. Then every week, I’d go round to his and he’d show me a beat or an idea he’d been working on and I would add vocals or guitar, probably just improvising and messing around. Most of the time we’d just be trying to make each other laugh. Then we were sitting on loads of music and we were like, “I guess this is a band now?”

What artists influenced the project in its infancy?

George: Theo and I both grew up with Mac Demarco and Radiohead which has inevitably influenced us. At the start, I was maybe trying to recreate Homeshake, but I was just so inept that it ended up definitely not being Homeshake. I have an ultimate love for disco so I always try to let it sneak in.

Theo: Lyrics and songcraft has always been a really important part of my life. When I started going into the basement with George I was listening to a ridiculous amount of Andy Shauf, whilst also loving the pop aesthetics of Tyler, The Creator and Kali Uchis. I think they were the main things in my brain at the time. We both have played lots of jazz as well, so most of the experimentation we do is rooted in that language.

Your name is an interesting one; how did it come about?

George: Random band name generator. Some of the alternatives it gave us were ‘The Weird Astronaut Club’, ‘The Spacey Heroes of Leeds’, ‘Spacey Readymeals of the Blue’ and ‘Basementback’. I think we chose the best one.

Theo: That was good night. Tears were had.

What is the plan for the next year?

George: Our first EP ‘George Eats’ is coming out on 22/2. We have amounted a large collection of experiments over the last year; with many of our friends contributing.

Theo: We also have big plans for the live band. It will involve some of the amazing friends and musicians that have lent their chops to The Cult.

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