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Introducing: Tall Talker

Delivering hypnotic motifs and unrivalled technical skill, Tall Talker are bulldozing expectations with their fusion of jazz, funk and experimental math-rock.

Image: Connor Devlin

Your sound is very syncopated and precise. Do you find yourself torn between wanting to record complex tracks while being able to play them live?

Thank you! Everything that we record has been rehearsed a lot before it goes into the studio, and by studio we mean Sam’s basement and Kane Whitelam’s bedroom. Usually, it remains exactly the same, however certain parts do change; sometimes because of complexity or realising a change in riff or rhythm would work much better. We are never really torn, the main objective is to find something we are happy with and to push our boundaries in terms of songwriting.

You each play in bands with differing genres. What are your thoughts on the diverse music scene in Leeds?

Leeds is awesome; there’s so much going on that we don’t know even half of what is happening. We love events like Weekend Respite [a day festival fundraiser that encourages people to discover new music]; one of their aims is to create a diverse lineup to showcase what Leeds has to offer and introduce fans to something they would have never heard or seen before. Recently we have been wanting to do more of that: to play to different crowds who might never have had the chance to check us out.

You released your debut EP Gino last year. Do you have any new projects in the pipeline?

We have 2 new songs on the way, hopefully being released on vinyl. It’s a progression from the last release that we are very excited for people to hear. Expect bigger groves and some guest appearances.

What can people expect from a Tall Talker set?

We want nothing more than to make you dance, or feel the need to move some part of your body. Expect massive groove with emotional melodies - the perfect combo.

Listen to Tall Talker on Spotify

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