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Introducing: The Golden Age of TV

Image: Andrew Benge

Comprised of some of Leeds’ finest musicians, The Golden Age of TV deliver luscious, emotive vocals over spiky guitar hooks and intelligent drum patterns. After taking some time off, the LCoM graduates are re-emerging onto the scene with their signature

off-kilter guitar pop.

You've been a band in Leeds for a while and have become a household name in some circles. How would you describe the music scene in Leeds?

The music scene in Leeds is an absolute buzz; it’s so exciting! No matter what the vibe or genre, there’s always something going on all week. We love it. It’s just nice to get involved with stuff like the Nice People compilation - and what a pleasure to be alongside loadsa reet bloody amazing bands/our mates.

You're all clearly great mates. What's it like playing and writing together?

It started out as a project between close friends and, as the band has progressed, our connection has grown too. We’re like a right daft family. Honestly, we’re all a bit weird but have an incredible understanding for each other. Having that understanding on a personal level means writing is such an easy process; everything comes together so well.

You're all amazing musicians. How do you write/compose songs together?

Our songwriting process is something that’s more or less stayed the same since we started, and it can really vary! Sometimes one of us will bring in a short idea, and the rest of the band will follow and write around it. Other times, songs will emerge and grow from a jam. Either way, we tend to vet new songs for quite a while before we move on or decide to record them. The understanding of each other mentioned before means we always have to be happy as a unit - if one person isn’t comfortable with the writing or the progress, it won’t work. All about teamwork!

Your lyrics hold quite a lot of meaning. Do you find songwriting and performing personally therapeutic?

Bea: It’s strange, the lyrics may start out personal, but when performed they can have a whole new meaning in front of an audience. I also try to make my words relatable to anyone, so it’s as if I take on a character and I’m telling a story or describing a feeling, and not necessarily one that has anything to do with me. It can depend on the theme, of course, as some of our songs really hit me every time we perform them. I’ll leave that for you to figure out which ones hehe.

You've been a little silent recently. What have you got up your sleeves?

We just spent some time writing and thinking about all the (kind of boring) admin stuff that goes with being in a band. It was a nice little breather, but we’re super giddy to be gigging again. We can’t wait to share the new tunes we’ve been working on!!

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