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Once Upon A Bye: The new tranquil and progressive EP from John Fall

John Fall’s latest lockdown-inspired EP, ‘Once Upon A Bye’, is a constellation of ambient, atmospheric instrumentals with progressive electronic undertones.

In Before, Fall successfully layers deep violin and soft piano underneath strong beats to create an amorphous blend of sound that is simultaneously moving and remorseful.

Where the EP has a largely dark tone, After provides the listener with more uplifting moments through a bass kick that grows throughout. Here, Fall creates a magnetic aura in his use of a stop-start ticking electric beat, which is not unlike the work of Hans Zimmer, and could definitely be taken from a Christopher Nolan film.

The EP then draws to a close with a fitting crescendo of a final eponymous tune. Contrastingly to the prior songs, Once Upon a Bye begins with a bright but tranquil beat, onomatopoeic of raindrops hitting a puddle. As the song moves forward, a slow build of electronic static brings feelings of unease and anticipation, which gradually grows louder and more inaudible without losing the melodic piano in the background.

Ultimately, Fall’s short EP is a concoction of emotions, conveyed through well-crafted electronic notes and instrumentals, that paint a fitting picture of the difficulties of the pandemic we’re living through. Yet, glimmers of hope that are flecked throughout the distant but inspiring undercurrents in each track suggest that life after lockdown is just around the corner.

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Download Once Upon A Bye on Bandcamp

Ellis Maddison

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