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King Nun at Hyde Park Book Club

It’s always a pleasure seeing King Nun. The West London delinquents never fail to deliver a treat of a show and, on a cold November Sunday, the Dirty Hit signees supplied sweat, skill and sentiment to Hyde Park Book Club.

Opening with explosive breakout track ‘Tulip’, the four-piece set the tone for a night of unreserved energy and grubby exuberance. Frontman Theo lurches about the floor with unrestrained vivacity, somehow managing to navigate the limited space with precision and intuition. King Nun’s ability to perform with such care and precision, all the while lurching around in careless bliss, is testament to their clear skill as musicians and performers.

King Nun played as if they were never going to have the chance to play again. They explored every inch of their instrument’s capability and didn’t leave any part of the stage untouched. With closing track ‘Speakerface’, Theo climbed atop of the bookcase and leaped over bassist Nathan with ease. There was a sense of rebellion in the air, and King Nun reigned with limitless charm.

Words and Images by Meg Firth

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