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Mamilah to release introspective EP 'Talk Less'

Image: Sophie Anona

The music of Mamilah feels like sinking your bare feet into warm wet sand, their signature blend of soul, Latin and jazz transporting listeners to sunnier plains. A refreshingly bright offering amidst the current climate, the band’s upcoming EP Talk Less is a gentle escape.

From the first hit of the hi-hat, the single ‘Disappear’ has your full attention. Shimmering brass and keys dance together before the honeyed vocals of Lydia Kotsirea enter with rapturous clarity.

It’s a strong introduction to the neo-soul group, whose signature blend of carefree soul, Latin and jazz has matured into a healing combination of introspective lyrics and ethereal grooves.

In ‘Belly of the Beast’, the group traverse the disciplines of jazz, toying with timing and pitch as they engulf the listener in optimism. Previously released as a live version by Sofar Sounds, this studio recording captures the infectious energy and optimism that Mamilah radiate live.

Mamilah have always played with a collective sense of joy, yet this upcoming release from the Leeds group provides a deeper experience. Not only is this a sun-kissed offering to escape the mundane, it’s also an olive branch that soothes the soul.

Stream Mamilah on Spotify now

Meg Firth

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