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Nice to meet you: Getting to know Blancmange Lounge

Sheffield’s Blancmange Lounge is a collective of musicians who together have carved out their own scene within the city. With DIY values at heart, they release music, put on events and champion new artists emerging out of the city. With 2020 promising new music from all the bands, as well as the collective’s first vinyl release, Blancmange Lounge are one to keep an eye on.

Nice People: What is Blancmange Lounge and what is your ethos within the collective?

Jackie Moonbather: We’re a group of friends, playing music together. Each of us makes songs and we’re all in each other’s bands. We started out recording ourselves and putting on our own shows, but more recently we have started releasing other people’s music and running events with bands we like.

You are an important part of the scene in Sheffield. What are your favourite things about the scene?

We love the ‘do it yourself’ attitude in Sheffield. Delicious Clam Records, Hatch, Foodhall, Plot 22 and Gut Level all just take the city’s culture into their own hands and provide space for it to flourish. Then there are people like Pink Wafer, really listening and putting the word out about what’s going on. I like the collaboration as well, everyone working together and lending a hand to whatever is going on.

Are there many opportunities for new bands to get involved in the scene?

Yeah, just show up, make a noise, bang down the door or something. That’s how Joey Mojito entered the scene and now he is a legend.

Is there a good relationship and support between venues and bands in Sheffield?

Yeah, the DIY spaces as mentioned before. There’s also Yellow Arch and Picture House Social providing a really good platform for the city.

“Leeds is the vanguard for northern Jazz and it’s spreading...”

Do you think Leeds and Sheffield have good connections musically?

Yep, Pink Wafer has the Leeds scene on a conveyor belt, coming through and playing at Peddler market every month. I think Leeds is the vanguard for northern Jazz and it’s spreading.

Who are your favourite acts coming out of Leeds at the moment?

Van Houten, Noya Rao, Gotts Street Park and B.ahwe are all incredible, but there are loads.

What plans does the collective have in the coming year?

New music from all of us. Rosey PM up first with a single coming this month with some froggy artwork from Alice Seed. We’re releasing another of Ohio based rapper Eliy Orcko’s projects digitally. I think we’re gonna put out our first vinyl release later in the year with the new Katie Pham & The Moonbathers tracks. We’re doing it all ourselves, so it’s bound to be a busy one.

If you want to keep up with what Blancmange Lounge are up to you can follow them on Instagram (@blancmangelounge) or give them a like on Facebook to see new releases and what exciting events they have coming up.

Interview by Tom Nixon

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