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Sisterhood duo Sunflower Thieves release ethereal track 'Hide and Seek'

Image: Tsara Arklay

Sunflower Thieves, a Leeds-based pop-folk duo with over 16 years of friendship, are back with their new single ‘Hide and Seek’. A refreshingly escapist tune, ‘Hide and Seek’ is effortless in its bewitching charm. It's the perfect backdrop for lazy summer days with an ethereal quality reminiscent of early Stevie Nicks.

The duo's signature ethereal vocal harmonies and honest lyrics convey a comforting element of escapism in this track: “It’s about childhood memory and ignorant bliss. We all wish we could escape back to a time when we felt safe, a time when other people would take of us if life became a little difficult”. Written during a writing trip to Norfolk in January before lockdown, it’s a song that delivers an inspiring journey of delicate vocal harmonies and blissfully soothing lyrics.

Sunflower Thieves are used to writing separately and then bringing it together at a later stage; the lockdown has just served as a “Really motivated, creative time for them, due to not having as many other daily commitments and interruptions”. With collaborations in the works with “Some amazing artists and writers”, it seems ‘Hide and Seek’ is just a teaser for more great things from Sunflower Thieves.

Alex Wright

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